Thursday, September 18, 2014

Oracle BI set User Identifier before running report

You can set a pre process property to execute a function at database level before running some set of queries. This is can be accomplished at report DataModel layer or before BI server connects to database in JNDI pre process property and post process property.

set_pre_process_username(:xdo_user_name,'AM START','BI')

set_post_process_username(:xdo_user_name,'AM FINISH','BI')

in the example above I am passing the logged in user in BI to the database to accomplish some kind of database row filtering.

A java usage (BI publicReportService):

You can impersonate the logged\-in user in your Java application by using the impersonate and runReportInSession methods.

String sid =reportService.impersonate(biUserName, biPass, loggedInUser);
repRes = reportService.runReportInSession(repReq, sid);

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