Monday, December 12, 2011

I did technical review on this book - Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development—Made Simple

  • Develop an ADF application quickly using database tables together with common ADF user interface components and data visualization components.
  • Estimate the effort required to build an ADF enterprise application.
  • Organize the development team, choose support tools, and write development guidelines to ensure a uniform development approach.
  • Set up the necessary infrastructure and configure a development workstation.
  • Develop necessary templates and framework classes to allow productive and flexible development.
  • Build a complete application using all the enterprise support tools.
  • Test your ADF enterprise application at the component, integration, and system levels.
  • Use skinning to change the look of the application to correspond to the enterprise's visual identity.
  • Customize the application to meet the needs and expectations of different users.
  • Secure the enterprise application and assign roles for specific functionality.
Book in Details

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